Hi, I’m a performance poet, copywriter, educator and artist living in Sheffield.

It’s useful to know that I am autistic. Generally I find this to be a good thing, not that I’ve experienced any other way of being, but it can occasionally mean that I come across as less friendly than I mean to be. Actually I’m pretty unoffendable, and happy to chat and answer any questions you might have.

Another thing that is worth knowing is that I’m genderqueer. This means that I am a trans person and I experience my gender as being neither male nor female, but as a nebulous inbetweeny state. I use They/them pronouns and go by Sez or Serin, but you may come across older internet references to a woman called Sarah Thomasin. It’s still me, but I don’t use the name Sarah or identify as a woman any more. I would very much appreciate it if you use my correct name and pronouns. Cheers!


I am a keen slam poet: I’ve won Sheffield Poetstars 2008, The Off The Shelf Slam 2010 and 2016, The Sheffield heat of Superheroes Of Slam 2015, and the Sheffield Anti-Slam 2016. I was a semi finalist in the 2017 Hammer & Tongue National Poetry Slam Final and will be competing again in the 2018 final.

Photo credit: Tyrone Lewis

My debut poetry collection Historical Plans Of How Romans Made Drains was published by Picaroon in 2017. It’s about my experience of growing up autistic without knowing it.

I’m a member of Sheffield’s Verse Matters collective: we run a bimonthly (or biquarterly, depending how you look at it) spoken word night showcasing poets and musicians from seldom heard communities. I am currently the night’s host, which means I get to introduce the amazing performers. The rest of the team, I have to admit, do all the hard work.


I have a huge debt of gratitude to Sarah at Edge Of The Universe for teaching me how to screen print. It’s one of my favorite things to do.

T-Shirts, art prints and anything else I can think of to screen print will be available to buy in due course. Watch This Space!

Workshops and Training

I am experienced in designing facilitating workshops exploring Equality and Diversity, gender, sexuality and sexual health, poetry and performance, improvisational theatre and, often, combinations of any or all of the above.

I specialize in working with young people and other seldom heard groups. I’m passionate about bringing poetry and spoken word to those who may have experienced barriers when experiencing poetry and writing in the past. I do not believe that the ability to spell, cope with conventional classrooms and teaching styles, hold a pen or read a book are necessary qualifications for a poet.

Contact me if you’d me to facilitate a workshop at your school, community group, university, coffee shop, garden centre or pub.

(DBS check and liability insurance details available on request.

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