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Praise for Historical Plans Of How Romans Made Drains

“This talented poet turns the reader’s face to the beauty of freaks, holds our feet to the fire of the cultures we frighten, and makes us smile, giggle, guffaw and weep in their loving arms. I plan on reading this many times over.” – Kate Bornstein, author of Hello, Cruel World

“The poems in this collection get beneath the suspiciously-well-tended lawn of everyday life and put molehills in it. ‘Historical Plans of How Romans Made Drains’ frames moments of isolation, awkwardness, humour, connection and celebration. It’s high time more people read Sez’s work.” – Helen Mort

“Sez Thomasin is a brilliant performer and these poems also live powerfully on the page. They show how somebody can be mis-recognised and erased by the expectations and labels of others, and are a joyous filling-in of autistic experience by reclaiming words and the spaces in-between.” – Kate Fox, stand-up poet

Ciarán at State Of The Arts reviewed HPOHRMD (it’s not the snappiest acronym…). You can read what he thought here.

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